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Landscape Photography by Weerapong Chaipuck

  • Posted by SHFT on March 14, 2014 in Photography
  • When Weerapong Chaipuck decided to pull the plug on his medical career, he was faced with the pivotal question that meets all retirees: What the hell am I going to do? Lucky for him (and us), he found the answer in photography, a pursuit that is intricately linked to his love of travel. Journeying to exotic locations both near his Bangkok home and afar -- Chaipuck produces incredible landscape images that are so richly textured and colored as to border on the surreal.  

    Today Chaipuck offers a la carte photographic tours of Thailand, encouraging others to experience the natural beauty of Southeast Asia. "As a new task of travel photographer, I experienced a lot of memorable moments from kind-hearted people during my trip," he says. "So, [to] pay it forward, if you want to make a trip as a travel photographer too, welcome to my country. Contact me and be my guest!" Visit Facebook to learn more. 

    You can find more Chaipuck photography on 500px and buy prints via Fine Art America.

    (h/t My Modern Met)





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