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Matteo Procaccioli: Microcities

  • Posted by SHFT on September 9, 2013 in Photography
  • By day, Italian photographer Matteo Procaccioli works as a "creative associate" in Milan's fashion industry. When he finds the time, he actively pursues his other passion: fine art photography, mostly focused on the built environment. Heavily stylized and laden with emotion, Procaccioli's work makes no attempt at objective documentary. In that sense you could say it owes a debt to his background in fashion. These aerial images belong to his Microcities collection, which takes a bird's eye view to depict nameless cities from the sky.

    From his description:

    Observed from above, the cities take on a different aspect in which the buildings dominate, enabling the viewer to understand the rational geometry that characterizes them, their relationship with the surrounding countryside, and to see the wide streets or the rivers running through them. It is not important that we should recognize the places, as each of them represents a type that could be attributed to many other ones.

    (via Faith is Torment)





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