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McSwain and Chambard: Off the Grid

  • Posted by SHFT on June 3, 2013 in Design
  • As lovers of both product design and the great outdoors, we're pretty into this collaborative project from designers François Chambard of UM Project and Frederick McSwain. Currently on display at Gallery R’Pure  in NYC, "Off the Grid" is an eclectic collection of objects inspired by the outdoors. 

    Included among the items are a tent that doubles as lighting, travel trunks in anodized aluminum and maple wood, a Maglite lighting installation, chairs, stools and storage assembled from stylized aluminum milk crates. The cleverly designed pieces are backdropped by "Urban Camouflage," a wall-mounted piece from textile artist Elodie Blanchard made of hand-knotted fire-retardant fabric.

    "Off the Grid" is on view at Gallery R'Pure until June 6.

    (via Cool Hunting)

    Photos: Francis Dzikowski 





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