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Multilayered Mixed Media Works by Brooks Salzwedel

  • Posted by SHFT on March 5, 2013 in Art
  • As regular SHFT readers know by now, we sort of have a thing for art and photography that explores the area where the natural and the manmade intersect. And Los Angeles-based creative Brooks Salzwedel, whose work we discovered on Faith is Torment, navigates that zone as beautifully and interestingly as anyone. Salzwedel's mixed media works are made using hand drawn graphite on Duralar, which is cast in layers of resin and colored using layers of transparent tape. The results are gloomy and ethereal, with natural and industrial elements frozen in time and space.

    "When working on a piece I ask myself what images I want as the focus or in the foreground then literally draw the images on the layer that coincides with the layer in depth," says the artist. "The layers are semi transparent materials floating between layers of resin."

    (via Faith is Torment)





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