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Nick Gentry: Floppy Disk Paintings

  • Posted by on December 14, 2010 in Art
  • Sometimes, like with records or Polaroids, old media is fetishized and revered for having qualities that new tech can't replicate. But usually obsolete media is forgotten and condemned to the trash heap. Floppy disks land squarely in the category of unlucky ones.

    London-based artist Nick Gentry gives floppy disks a new lease on life, resurrecting the discarded technology to make canvases for his large, expressive portrait paintings.

    “The floppy disk stands firm and lives on as a metaphor for the increasing pace of the modern life cycle, mass production and the throwaway culture of today,” says Gentry.

    For more Gentry, check out his Flickr stream, follow him on Facebook, and buy his book at Blurb (proceeds benefits Oxfam).





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