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Obama Vents in Copenhagen

  • Posted by on December 18, 2009 in Business
  • At a speech given in Copenhagen earlier today, US President Barack Obama made no secret of his frustration with the lack of consensus at the climate summit.

    "I think our ability to take collective action is in doubt," he said, adding that it is "in our mutual interest to achieve a global accord in which we agree to steps, and to hold each other accountable for certain commitments." The President also said that his administration had launched an "ambitious" plan to cut emissions and reiterated Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's remarks that the US would pledge $100 billion in funding to help developing countries deal with the ravages of climate change, but only if a "broader accord" was established.

    With only hours remaining in the negotiations, the likelihood of a broader accord being reached is rapidly diminishing. Indeed, many are interpreting Obama's firm stance as an indication that the US delegation has accepted the impossibility of reaching an agreement.

    (via Huffington Post)





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