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Pallet Armchair by Pierre Vedel

  • Posted by SHFT on August 25, 2011 in Design
  • According to Jetson Green, there are two billion wooden pallets circulating around the world, and upwards of two/thirds of them are used only once. So smart design that makes use of upcycled pallets is an important and fertile realm of creativity. The Pallet Armchair from French designer Pierre Vedel is one of the best uses of the ubiquituous shipping material we've seen yet. The ingenious design creates one chair from a single pallet, which isn't that easy since there's not much wood in a pallet.

    But the coolest part? Pierre wants everyone to have free access to the design so he offers the specs as a free Creative Commons download, along with with the free CAD software Draftsight.

    More pics to view on Pierre's Flickr.

    (via Design Milk)





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