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Patrick O'Hare: Slipstream

  • Posted by SHFT on September 27, 2011 in Photography
  • In Slipstream, NY-based photographer Patrick O'Hare offers a revealing glance at spaces we often pass through without giving much thought. A Wal-Mart parking lot in Connecticut juts up against bare rock, a new house development in Virginia sits in a sea of red soil. By contrasting the manmade with the natural, O'Hare provides a poignant comment on the effects of development on the American landscape. From his artist statement:

    Slipstream is a personal exploration of ravaged landscape glossed over and sealed by perpetual development and at the same time, more vulnerable than ever to man made and natural upheavals. It visually lays open a culture of impermanence, architecture of the fleeting and the sense of a rootless world that could easily be swept away. 

    Check out more from the series here, and buy the Slipstream book here.  

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