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Paving the Future

  • Posted by on February 2, 2010 in Energy
  • In London, tests are underway for glowing paving slabs that create energy simply by being stepped on. The green slabs, which contain a light that gets brighter according to how much energy is stored, are designed to ‘flex’ less that 5mm when walked over. Inventor Laurence Kemball-Cook says the patented Pavegen System slabs could be used to power anything from lighting at bus stops to ticket machines and automatic shop doors.

    A paving stone on a busy street is stepped on by more than 50,000 pedestrians everyday and flexes up to 5mm each time. By creating a rubber stone fitted with secret piezo technology, Laurence has found a way of storing the kinetic energy produced. And even the rubber used on the surface of the stone is environmentally

    sound - it's made from recycled truck tires.

    Trials to go into several locations early next year in places such as schools and airports.





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