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Plastic Bag Monster

  • Posted by SHFT on January 26, 2011 in Art
  • Oh, the horror! It's our worst nightmare, in the flesh—errr, plastic. The Plastic Bag Monster is a public art project by The Miha Artnak in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Created from 40,000 plastic bags and 7,500 discarded plastic cups collected from the local schools around the city, the Plastic Bag Monster delivers a metaphorical statement on pollution and waste. 

    "Plastic Bag Monster spreads its plastic tentacles through the streets of Ljubljana. The monster itself has adjusted to the environment and therefore survived. It is supplanting us from the food chain. It just might succeed and it’s all up to us. It is reproducing with inconceivable speed and knows no mercy."

    More at The Miha Artnak's site.





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