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PolaWalk Vienna

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on April 29, 2015 in Cities
  • PolaWalk is a unique walking tour that's all about exploring the creative parts of a city using a vintage Polaroid camera. In the PolaWwalk Vienna - Urban tour, guests are taken to spots off the beaten path where they can snap off a different side of the burgeoning city. Instead of visiting major sights like The Ring Road (or Ringstraße) or Schönbrunn Palace, PolaWalk aims to give people an immersive cultural experience, one that hip locals would enjoy. In addition to the arts, Vienna is known for its culinary and coffeehouse culture.

    So what sets this photo tour apart from the rest? First, visitors are creating their own unique, take-home souvenir in the form of a Polaroid picture. Since they are limited to shooting only eight photos, each person is urged to think deeply before they snap a shot. They're asked to look closely at their subject and really connect with their surroundings. A quick photography lesson is given at the start of the tour that gives visitors tips on what and how to shoot. And since the two men running the tour, Thomas Preyer and Gilbert Lechner, are locals, PolaWalk is able to give visitors an inside look at the rich and exciting culture of Vienna.

    Preyer, the CEO and Co-Founder of PolaWalk, states about the tour, "We visit the Spittelberg area, where our visitors find old houses (Biedermeier-style) that accommodate arts and crafts shops, bars and galleries. We also visit the Amerling house, a community and arts center."





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