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Reclaimed Sidewalks in NYC

  • Posted by SHFT on January 14, 2011 in Architecture
  • Beneath the foot of NYC's Queensboro Bridge, a $75 million reworking of NYC's Queens Plaza includes what looks to be a creative solution to overcrowded graveyards. In fact, the chunks of concrete are not tombstones but sidewalks that were demolished during the course of construction, now acting as traffic medians. A collaboration between Tobiah Horton and WRT Design, the medians are dramatic structures that indicate the ‘no-go’ areas and direct foot and cycle traffic to safe routes. Agaves planted here and there within the medians help to soften the designs. 

    From the WRT website:

    The Queens Plaza project transforms the tangle of urban infrastructure cutting through Long Island City from a harsh, disorienting industrial maze into a lush, navigable landscape, a gateway to Long Island City that organizes various flows and scales while providing a refuge for residents, workers and the road-weary. The urban and landscape design unites the surrounding neighborhoods and restores the connection between the city and the river.

    (via Treehugger

    Photos: Tobiah Horton/WRT





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