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Reclaimed Woodcraft by Mitz Takahashi

  • Posted by SHFT on September 30, 2011 in Design
  • Using mid-century design as his inspiration, Osaka-born, Montreal-based woodworker Mitz Takahashi breathes new life into discarded wooden offcuts, crafting the pieces of reclaimed lumber into everything from clocks to bookshelfs to guitar amps. 

    With a deft hand and a keen sense for sustainability, Takahashi blends mahogany, walnut, oak and other salvaged woods to create harmonious designs for the home. He also works to minimize waste by flat packing his pieces whenever he can.

    Proving that design need not always be serious, Takahashi has fun with his work as well. Case in point: his "medieval assholes" coaster set, a humorous gift line that flexes his sense of humor alongside his crafting skills. 

    Takahashi works mainly on commission. You can contact him directly for sales inquiries.

    (via Cool Hunting)





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