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Road Tripping with Ana Cabaleiro

  • Posted by SHFT on January 11, 2012 in Photography
  • If film photography is a dying format, you wouldn't know it from its growing legion of devotees, who, like vinyl enthusiasts, favor analog's quirks and imperfections over the cool precision of digital tech. The visual appeal of film is on full display in these dreamy travel pics from Spanish photographer Ana Cabaleiro. 

    "I just love how [film] looks," she said. "The amazing colors are my personal way to approach to the 70′s feeling that I love. I also only have a pretty basic knowledge of the technical side of photography and for me it’s much easier than digital. I observe, choose moments, play a little with light and just frame inside my viewfinder. The results are always unpredictable."

    Fair enough. Plenty more beautiful photography to drink in at Ana's Flickr, and you can now buy prints via her new webshop.   





    Stomacher, "Untitled/Dark Divider"

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