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SHFT Sampler 1-7-11

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on January 6, 2011 in All
  • Gordon Matta-Clark was an eco-art O.G.. In the 70s, Matta-Clark's conceptual projects included recycling glass bottles, digging out a basement to create a “guerrilla” garden, and turning a dumpster into an open house. An exhibition centered on Matta-Clark's time at 112 Greene Street, one of the first artist-run venues in New York, opens this weekend at David Zwirner in NYC.

    In a matter of 2 seconds, a bird can go from 40 mph to a complete stop on a moving branch. Airplanes should be embarrassed. An interesting NYT article looks at the work of scientists studying "functional morphology," in which wind tunnels, CT-scans, and olive oil are used to better understand the intricacies of bird flight.

    Speaking of birds...uhh, what's the deal with them dropping from the sky, dead as doorknobs. In the past week, there's been a bunch of myserious animal deaths around the globe. Gulp. Might be time to go hide in our apocalypse bunker.

    How's this for meta? It's a skate park, on a skateboard, in a skate park.





    15,000 Volts

  • Artist Melanie Hoff uses power to make electric patterns on plywood
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  • Chrysalis Sky Floor Lamp

  • Nature-infused lighting design makes use of delicate, highly renewable material—silk cocoons.
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  • Jean Shin's Epic Eco Art Made from Recycled Garbage

  • New York artist turns trash into treasure.
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