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SHFT Sampler 2-11-11

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on February 11, 2011 in All
  • GOP vs. EPA: The Congressional Republican attack on the Environmental Protection Agency began in earnest this week, as GOP leaders assailed EPA chief Lisa Jackson about her agency's authority to combat climate change under the Clean Air Act. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) said that the proposed emissions limits will put the US economy in a "straitjacket" and cost the country "millions of jobs and billions of dollars a year." Sure Joe, whatever you say. 

    Green Jeans: Denim companies are duking it out in the ring of green marketing. The Levi's "WaterLess" campaign focuses on, duh, water use, while Lee's "Never Wasted" concept finds multiple uses for a shopping bag. 

    Space Fishing: Japan's space agency and a fishing net company are collaborating on a giant net to be used to collect space debris

    Assess your eco credentials at Practically Green, an online community that lets you track your household's shift to sustainable living.

    Ahhh. Here's a nice view.





    Obama Announces Solar Power Support

  • The President declares federal loan guarantees for solar energy projects.
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  • Eco House Book by Terence Conran

  • The complete guide to sustainable home improvement
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  • Upton Flip Flops on Climate

  • GOP Energy Chairman vows to block emissions regs. Great.
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