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SHFT Sampler 4-15-11

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on April 14, 2011 in All
  • Grab Your Shades: The future looks bright for concentrated solar power. Google announced a $168 million investment in Brightsource Energy's Ivanpah Solar Plant in the Mojave Desert, which will be the largest concentrated solar plant in the world. (via GOOD)

    Fancy Footwork: Dutch designer Diederik Schneemann crafted a colorful collection of vases and lamps made from recycled flip-flops found washed up on Kenyan beaches. Dezeen has the story.

    Dumber and Dumberer: At a Senate hearing, Republican Senator Rand Paul railed against a bipartisan bill boosting energy efficiency standards for consumer goods. "It is the collective body saying you're not smart enough to buy a light bulb, to buy a toilet, and therefore we will tell you what to buy," said Paul. The bill passed.

    Grow Ops not so Green: Marijuana may be natural and medicinal, but it ain't so green. Indoor grows are estimated to account 8% of energy consumption in California. Most of that energy is generated by burning fossil fuels.

    Green Gets Greener: OrganiCann, a medical marijuana dispenser in northern California, offers the green stuff in compostable packaging you can bury in your garden.





    Brooklyn Informed: Big Sue

  • Susan Boyle drops knowledge on the green building game.
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  • EkoMiko Candles

  • Recycled wine bottle candles get the green light.
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  • Tower of Power

  • Is concentrated solar power the future of renewable energy? A Guardian video shines a light on the world's first commercial solar tower.
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