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SHFT Sampler 8-19-10

  • Posted by on August 19, 2010 in All
  • And so on, and so on, and so on: Zoom in on National Geographic's infinite National Parks photo, which reveals hundreds of pics making up each original.

    The magic box: Trunz Water Systems' portable, solar/wind-powered water filtration unit is the next level of disaster relief. (via Core77)

    Oh, super. Wired tells us about new research showing that the plastic garbage patch in the North Atlantic is comparable in size to the infamous one in the Pacific.

    Cool Schools: Sierra Club lists the 100 greenest colleges and universities in the country.

    A burgeoning eco movement in fashion design leaves no scraps on the cutting room floor. The New York Times reports on zero-waste design.





    Traveling Alaska with Photographer Kevin Russ

  • Society6 joins an intrepid photographer on his journey up north
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  • FIGS: Threads for Threads

  • Stylish ties and bowties help facilitate children's education.
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  • Oceanic Plastic Pollution Enters the Food Chain

  • Fish eat plastic, you eat plastic.
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