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SHFT Summer Photo Series

  • Posted by SHFT on August 31, 2012 in Photography
  • Well, that's a wrap. Summer is officially over (RIP). We'll look back on the hot season of 2012 and with fond memories of road trips, barbecues, fresh seasonal produce, camping in the woods, skinny-dipping, and outdoor concerts.

    To memorialize the passing summer, and to announce our new Instagram account (@SHFT), we asked SHFTers and friends to show off their favorite Instagram photos they shot on their summer adventures. Enjoy!

    1. Painting in the desert. (Emily Caldwell)

    2. At a backyard BBQ at the home of artist Grant Shumate. (Brie Barbaccia)

    3. Peter and Adrian at The Drums show at Brooklyn Bowl. (Peter Glatzer)

    4. A quintessential SoCal beach break, shot on a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. (Justin Berardi)

    5. Profile against desert mountain backdrop. (Emily Caldwell)

    6. Cliff mirrored in water, somewhere in the American Southwest. (Emily Caldwell)

    7. Farmers' market, Lenox, Massachusetts. (Peter Glatzer)

    8. Brie and Peter take a load off at Moby's property on Lake Hollywood. (Brie Barbaccia) 

    9. Dirt Road in East Hampton, NY, on a morning run through the woods to the bay. (Peter Glatzer)

    10. Free plants! (Adrian Grenier) 

    And don't forget to follow SHFT on Instagram. Lots of good things to come. 





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