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Space Bending Photos of Painted Rooms by Georges Rousse

  • Posted by SHFT on September 11, 2013 in Photography
  • Nothing against the original Op artists of the '60s, but Georges Rousse is on some next level business. The French artist applies the perception-warping art technique to 3D space, creating hypnotizing optical illusions in deserted interiors. What appears to be the result of some digital trickery is in fact entirely real. Rousse's method involves arranging materials and paints to blend with the architecture of the space, then documenting the compositions with his camera. The 2D photographs flatten the perspective of the works, challenging the viewer to understand how the shapes, colors, and architecture fit together.

    From Rousse's bio:

    The final photographic image perturbs our visual habits and convictions by presenting three kinds of space: the real space, where he makes his installations; an imaginary utopian space, which the artist invents and then carefully builds at his chosen site; and a new space that is visible from only one spot when he clicks the camera shutter, and exists only in the photo.

    Watch the trailer for Bending Space, a documentary of Rousse's art residency in Durham, NC.

    (via My Modern Met)





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