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Sri Lankan Living Building to be World's Largest Vertical Garden

  • Posted by SHFT on February 28, 2014 in Energy
  • A residential high-rise project located just outside of the Sri Lankan port city of Colombo will be home to over 33,000 shrubs and a rare tree species. Rising 46 stories and topped with a solar panel-covered rooftop, Clearpoint Residencies will boast the world's tallest residential vertical garden

    The 146-unit complex was designed in by Sri Lanka-based architectural firm Milroy Perara Associates and Maga Engineering. Each unit features a large, heavily planted terraces that completely circle the building, blocking harsh sunlight from the interior and decreasing the need for air-conditioning.

    "We wanted something that could improve the environment by being there," Perera says. "We wanted to cut down the carbon footprint of the building. We are trying to do something that's worth doing."

    Much of the building's energy needs will be covered by some 13,000 square feet of solar panels on the roof, and a greywater recycling system will drip-irrigate the plants shading each terrace. The planted terraces will also be home to 500 mango trees, a vulnerable local species. 

     Construction on Clearpoint began last year, with completion expected in 2016. 

    (via Co.Exist)





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