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'Straight Up' Climate Book Drops

  • Posted by on April 21, 2010 in Energy
  • Readers of Joseph Romm's Climate Progress blog, an offshoot of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, are familiar with the writer's sharp wit and tight prose. With his new book 'Straight Up: America's Fiercest Climate Blogger Takes on the Status Quo Media, Politicians, and Clean Energy Solutions,' followers get the chance to experience it in cullulose format.

    In the Huffington Post this week, Al Gore gives the book an official endorsement, calling it "the latest must-read green book." Other web publishers are less gushing. Green Energy Reporter criticizes 'Straight Up' for some shoddy research and for republishing blog excerpts in full.

    We can't comment since we haven't read it (*wink wink* - send us a copy!)

    You can buy the book online at Amazon or Powell's.





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