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Surreal Landscape Photography by Randy Scott Slavin

  • Posted by SHFT on July 20, 2012 in Photography
  • Landscape photography goes surreal in Alternate Perspectives, a dizzying series of travel photos from New York-based Randy Scott Slavin. The photos, shot by Slavin on his sojourns around America, are each taken at a single location or landmark, then pieced together to create a 360 degree perspective in a flat image. The "stitching" technique results in a trippy stereographic projection.

    "While on a vacation with my fiancée I took the image entitled "Big Sur". Northern California is a magical place where epic elements collide," Randy tells the Telegraph. "It's really hard to take a bad photograph there. We spent the day on top of a cliff and the clouds had rolled in below us. It was like being in an plane. I ran to get my gear and just barely caught the sunset. The scene was surreal even before I touched it in post."





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