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The Enormous Effects of Energy Efficiency

  • Posted by on July 6, 2010 in Energy
  • The shift away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources is obviously a key aspect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But, according to a newly released report from the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) of Australia, it's not nearly as important as taking measures to improve energy efficiency.

    "The International Energy Agency estimates that energy efficiency will deliver 65 per cent of worldwide carbon cuts in the energy sector by 2020, and 54 per cent by 2030," the report states. "This means that in 2020 energy efficiency could have almost twice the impact of renewable energy, nuclear power and clean coal combined."

    Put another way, the report says that increasing energy efficiency could save more greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 than taking every Australian car off the road.

    With energy costs rising alongside global temperatures, adopting energy efficiency measures has multiple benefits. It's time for governments, businesses and individuals to make the shift.

    Read the whole report by downloading the PDF here.

    (Via Treehugger)

    Photo: New York City skyline at dusk. (Carroll/News)





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