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Tim Simmons: Urban Land Project

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on October 1, 2011 in Photography
  • The latest exhibition of Tim Simmons' landscape photos (a selection of which we previously featured here) isn't in a gallery, or a museum, or anywhere indoors. It's outside, on dilapidated brick walls in Philly and ad billboards in LA.

    By infiltrating the photos of natural elements -- forests, rivers, rocks, snow -- into unlikely urban settings, Simmons hopes that viewers will be prompted to consider the relationship the natural and urban environments.

    "This project is meant to stimulate awareness," he writes. "These images against these backdrops accentuate the tensions between the human and natural worlds."

    Urban Land Project was commissioned by The Anthropologist, a site started by Philly-based retailer Anthrolopogie (a division of Urban Outfitters), dedicated to "supporting the work of inspiring individuals." Great project. The images are up through the end of October.






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