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Underground Eco House by Make Architects

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on June 20, 2012 in Architecture
  • From the ground, the Bolton Eco House may not look like much at all -- just a few stone walls that could easily be mistaken for ancient ruins covered by grass. But from the air, the picture is stunning, revealing an impressive architectural design shaped like an abstract flower.

    The bold, earth-conscious residential design comes courtesy of Make Architects, who landed it the distinction of being named the first zero-carbon home in North West England. Embedded in the contours of the Pennine hillside, the design and construction of this one story, four bedroom home pushes the limits of sustainable architecture.

    The zero-energy distinction is made possible by on-site renewable energy generated by a ground source heat pump, photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine. Local labor and materials were used in the construction to limit emissions.

    Kudos to Make for pulling off this ambitious design, and also to the client -- former British football star Gary Neville -- for having the kahunas to go for it.  





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