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Urban Air: Stephen Glassman's Green Kickstarter

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on November 3, 2012 in Art
  • Wit the popularlty of New York City's High Line, other cities are looking for ways to incorporate elevated green spaces into public infrastructure. Recently a Los Angeles developer announced plans for "High Line West" in Hollywood. With "Urban Air," LA-based designer and SHFT compadre Stephen Glassman introduces a new twist on the aerial garden rage. The plan involves converting LA billboards into "living, suspended bamboo gardens."

    The Kickstarter-funded project is already getting traction. Summit Media has announced that it has agreed to "donate prominent billboards along major LA thoroughfares to provide the launch pad for the first Urban Air prototype." The company is also helping Stephen assemble a team of experts -- including engineers, planners, billboard fabricators, bamboo growers, plumbers and outdoor advertising specialists -- to help make Urban Air a reality.

    Hit up Kickstarter to watch a video explaining the idea. And donate if you can!

    (via Arrested Motion)





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