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Weeds: Public Murals by Mona Caron

  • Posted by SHFT on December 15, 2014 in Art
  • Weeds are rarely viewed as things to celebrate, but this ongoing series from artist Mona Caron gives pest plants their day in the sun. Taking as her subjects common weeds like dandelions and stinging nettles, Caron paints intricate studies of the plants on outdoor walls, in what she describes as "a tribute to the resilience of all those beings who no one made room for, were not part of the plan, and yet keep coming back, pushing through and rising up."

    The project, which also involves photographing the works-in-progress and animating the results, has taken her to locations near and far, from her home base in San Francisco to far-flung places like Greece and India. Be sure to check out this video of the paintings in action.

    (h/t Colossal)





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