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What's A Farmbox?

  • Posted by shawn traylor on April 1, 2010 in Food
  • A few weeks ago, I was kicking around in Adams Morgan on a Saturday morning. The residue from Snowpocalypse 2010 had finally melted, the sun was shining, and I was feeling fine. I turned the corner onto Columbia Road, and saw a big white delivery truck where a smiling, bearded man was handing happy people boxes of gorgeous produce. “What’s this?” I thought. I meandered over to investigate.

    “This," as it turned out, was Star Hollow Farm’s Saturday morning CSA members’ pickup. CSA, I learned, stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

    Now, I like to cook. And I’ve been meaning to cook more seasonally with local produce – my motivations being all the things that you probably already know – local food tastes better, it’s better for the environment, it supports local farmers (i.e. the local economy), etc. But, for me at least, it’s really not so easy when you frequent grocery stores for your produce, where jets and ocean liners have obliterated any limitations, let alone concept, of the season you are in right now (I just know kiwis are not in season now in the Mid-Atlantic, but, hey! here they are, in February!)

    I bought an app for my iPhone called Locavore that was supposed to help me figure out what’s in season in my neck of the woods (which is Washington, DC incidentally). Well, the app has been a total failure – telling me that nothing is in season now for the past two months.

    That’s just wrong though. There are things that are in season right here, right now (apologies if anyone else just suffered a Jesus Jones flashback.)

    I know this to be true. Why?

    Because I’ve got a Farmbox to prove it. See, yesterday I picked up my very first order from that very same white truck I’d seen a few weeks back. Now I’m in. All the way in. Here’s my box of farm fresh goodness to prove it.

    So, with this blog, I am going to try to record my experiences with my new CSA membership – or, more specifically, with the products that I get through it and what I make with them in my kitchen.

    Now I’m off to figure out what to do with all this great stuff! Stay tuned!

    - Shawn Traylor,





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