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Wind Power Partners Bridge Mideast Divide

  • Posted by SHFT on June 19, 2011 in Business
  • In a place where peace between Muslims and Jews seems a far-off dream, an unlikely alliance is bringing the opposing sides together... in the name of renewable energy. Muhammad Salem, a Palestinian engineer who designs and installs small wind turbines, has teamed up Israeli engineer Yanir Avital to design and manufacture turbines for both the Israeli and Palestinian territories.

    At NYT's Green Blog, Tamir Elterman writes:

    They do not share a common cultural background, but they share a deep interest in wind energy as something that can benefit their peoples economically and environmentally. 

    In the Palestinian territories, the main obstacle to a booming renewable energy sector is a general lack of knowledge, Muhammad said. “If I speak about the environment or renewable energy in Palestine, they don’t understand exactly what it is,” he explained. “It’s not that nobody cares; nobody knows.”

    Watch this NYT video for an inspiring look at the partnership.





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