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Workplace Gardens

  • Posted by Mitchell Flexo on May 13, 2010 in Business
  • With the economy still sputtering, Corporate America hasn't put the shears away yet. Jobs are still being cut, pay is still getting sliced. Shrinking budgets are making some forward-thinking companies look for other, non-monetary ways to benefit employees.

    One such response are workplace gardens, which are a perfect fit for companies with large office spaces and plenty of unused land on site. Employees can take a break from their cubicle to go tend to their plants in the garden, talk with friends, or harvest vegetables and herbs to eat at work or home. The gardens are a win-win situation — they're affordable, they provide a good image for the company, and they benefit the employees in the form of their own personal gardening and outdoor community space.

    -Mitchell Flexo

    (Via New York Times)

    Photo via The Tiny Life





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