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World's First Vertical Cube Garden

  • Posted by on May 7, 2010 in Architecture
  • The green wall trend is in full flight. Landscape architects are increasingly being tapped to incorporate vertical gardens into building designs, not only for beautification, but also as a means of reducing noise pollution, absorbing dust and producing oxygen.

    In Getafe, just south of Madrid, Spain, a newly erected four-sided vertical garden takes the trend to another level. Designed and built by Paisajismo Urbano, the garden contains over 2,500 plants on four green walls that are 32 square meters each. Each side has it's own specific mix of vegetation based on its orientation toward the sun. The cube also has a self-cleaning, internal irrigation system that automatically sends a text message notification to the caretaker in the event of a problem.

    Pretty cool!

    (Via Sinergia3)





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