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Zen Garden House

  • Posted by SHFT on December 23, 2011 in Architecture
  • From NYC-based architect David Jay Weiner comes Zen Garden House, a residential retreat nestled in the San Luis Valley near Crestone, Colorado. The home has been designed to take advantage of the unique serenity and jaw-dropping vistas in the surrounding area. 

    Befitted with a traditional tatami mat meditation space adjacent to an outdoor Zen rock garden, the house provides everything the resident needs to tap into the spirituality of the environment.

    The home is designed to be relatively inexpensive, both in construction and maintenance. And it's eco-minded to boot. Located off-the-grid where the sun shines over 300 sun days per year, the 1,600 sq. ft. house is powered by a photovoltaic system that make good use of the abundant rays. 

    (via ArchDaily)

    Photos: Bill Ellzey





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