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Cognition: Photos by Bence Bakonyi

Images of tourists in the ancient, arid landscapes of northwestern China

Young Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi first came to our attention via his excellent Dignity series, a surrealistic exploration of self-identity captured in arid mountain landscapes. Cognition, his latest collection of images, picks up where the earlier series left off. The Shanghai-based photographer traveled to Dunhuang and Zhangye Danxia in northwestern China, along the Silk Road, more

The Costs of Climate Foot Dragging

A leaked UN report pushes for a climate action as world leaders meet in Davos

The longer we drag our feet to act on carbon emissions, the more difficult it will become to solve the problem of rising temperatures, says a draft report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The report, which leaked last week, says that a further 15-year delay in reducing emissions will make finding a solution virtually impossible with current technology. From The New more

Landscape Photography by Weerapong Chaipuck

A wandering retiree from Bangkok captures landscapes at their most awe-inspiring

When Weerapong Chaipuck decided to pull the plug on his medical career, he was faced with the pivotal question that meets all retirees: What the hell am I going to do? Lucky for him (and us), he found the answer in photography, a pursuit that is intricately linked to his love of travel. Journeying to exotic locations both near his Bangkok home and afar -- Chaipuck produces more

By Ben Adler Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is not pleased about the historic joint announcement of planned carbon emission limits by the U.S. and China. He put out this statement Wednesday: Our economy can’t take the President’s ideological War on Coal that will increase the squeeze on middle-class families and struggling miners. This unrealistic plan, more

Bottled Air From Canada Is Selling Like Crazy In China

This is not a gag from "Silicon Valley"

If someone told you there is a Silicon Valley startup selling bottled air to China, you would probably think it’s a joke. And it is; the startup is actually in Alberta, Canada. Vitality Air produces and sells “hand-bottled” air from Banff and Lake Louise, two Canadian locales known for their Rocky Mountain surroundings and crystal clear bodies of water. The startup more

Ben Hai

Surreal Animation Through China's Southeast Countryside

This is just plain different.  Animation by Rob Jabbaz with music by Howie more

Chris Round: Fragile Beast

Photo series tells the story of a dying industry -- and the scars it's leaving behind

Once the site of a thriving china clay industry, Cornwall, England is a region in economic decline. With rising costs and competition from the developing world, mining for porcelain clay is now barely economically viable is the area. Fragile Beast, a photo series from Aussie creative Chris Round, documents the environmental scars left behind by the dying industry, portraying more

Day Tripping In The Georgian Countryside

Photography by Mariam Sitchinava

With a penchant for shooting with analogue film, Georgian photographer Mariam Sitchinava captures her surroundings in soft portraits and landscapes. Based in Tbilisi, Sitchinava gives us a glimpse into a day in her life spent with her daughter and friends in the area around the capital. Specializing in portrait as well as fashion photography, the more

China Rats "N.O.M.O.N.E.Y."

Money is the object in this animated video for the upstart UK rock quartet

Like their early punk forefathers, China Rats' brand of straight-ahead, no-nonsense rock n' roll comes packed with plenty of hooks and just as much attitude. The Leeds, UK foursome called upon British animator/artist Richard Swarbrick to create some visuals for "N.O.M.O.N.E.Y.", a blistering two-minute track that captures the perennial frustration of being broke. Swarbrick interpreted the song' more

China to Build World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Country asserts its position as global renewable energy leader.

China is the global leader in wind turbine production and one of the world's largest producers of solar and photovoltaic energy. Now, the country seeks to asserts its position as the world's renewable energy leader by constructing the world's largest offshore wind farm in Bohai Bay, a few hours from Beijing. The Bohai Bay project will produce 1,000 MW of electricity, usurping more