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Sigur Ros "Gobbledigook"

Directed by Arni & Kinski, inspired by and in collaboration with Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley's work is sensual, natural and perfectly suited for one of our favorite bands, Sigur Ros, and their inspired track Gobbledigook. There's an oblique environmental message here in the video's playful abandon in nature. It's a sexy nod to the SHFT more

Gorgonzola Grape Toast

SHFT Lessons in organic appetizers

Anna Getty, sustainable local organic chef, prepares a delicious appetizer for us. Once again our friend Brendan Hines is a handy sous chef and plays straight man to Anna - or is it the other way around? SecondSHFT holiday cheer recipe from Anna's cookbook, I'M DREAMING OF A GREEN more

Temple Bags Holiday Collection

We're loving the Holiday 2009 collection from Temple Bags, made from repurposed WWII fabrics. Are you listening, Santa?

Temple Bags hits all the right notes. The luggage, tote and accessories collection is handcrafted in Los Angeles from repurposed WWII military tents, bags and canvases found sifting through warehouses in the city. The "extremely limited edition" Holiday 2009 collection, launched earlier in more

Up-cycling Holiday Cookies

Use Up Holiday Cookies by Baking A Pie

By Sam Bliss for Grist At Grist, we are always writing about recycling the things in your kitchen you don’t want to eat — plastic bags, aluminum foil, jars with that last pesky bit of almond butter in the corner. But what about things you do like to eat, but have already had (more than) enough of? Like holiday cookies. Last week, in an interview with more

Prosciutto Wrapped Figs

SHFT Lessons in organic appetizers

Anna Getty and Brendan Hines show us another easy organic, local recipe. Beautiful and impressive, the figs with proscutto, goat cheese, and drizzled honey is simple, quick, and a great one to have around when you're entertaining and want to be eco-kosher. Check it more

SHFT Holiday Gift Picks

These are a few of our favorite things

It's that time of year again. The giving and the receiving is about to begin. And so we've taken the liberty of putting together some of the best stuff we've found in a variety of categories and price ranges for a season of conscious consumption. We applaud all the makers and are thrilled to see this marketplace grow and broaden each year with great design, innovation and a nod to the way we more

Papa & Barkley Relief Soak

Post holiday unwind and rejuvenate $30.00

Made with sea salts imported from Israel and infused with whole plant cannabis flower resin, Releaf Soak is an ideal way to wind down after a long day. Available for delivery or in stores in California, the potion's formulation is 3:1 THC:CBD—or what Papa and Barkley call the "Right Ratio." more

SHFT Holiday Gift Picks 2011

A selection of sustainable gifts for holiday giving

Choosing holiday gifts for your loved ones can be a daunting task. Fear not! We've assembled an array of amazing eco-conscious gift ideas, any of which we'd be thrilled to receive ourselves. From gadgets to furniture, toys to edibles, we have it covered. The common threads are smart, functional design, and, of course, an eye for sustainability. So this year, vote with your dollars more

ABC Home for the Holidays

Shop sustainably with New York's premier purveyor of eco design

For nearly a decade, NYC-based ABC Carpet & Home has been a leader of eco-conscious design, helping customers transition toward living green, one shade at a time. We're pleased to feature these holiday selections from ABC's fantastic array of sustainable products, including selections from the new abcDream collection of organic beds, mattresses and linens. more

MNN: SHFT/Wired Pop Up Store

Peter and Adrian share their favorite gift greens to give this holiday season.

Adrian Grenier, actor, and Peter Glatzer, producer, helped host the Wired party launching its Manhattan pop-up store, standing by a display of cool green products they'd selected. The co-creators of Alter Eco, the green living show on Discovery's Planet Green, looked delighted to be discussing an hybrid electric bicycle and an LED table lamp made with what looked like foam peanuts more