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Hyphae Lamp

Leaf-like LED lamp informed by biomimetics $600.00

Now this is some next-level biomimicry. The Hyphae Lamp, created by Massachusetts design studio Nervous System, is a 3D-printed table light that is grown organically using the same process leaves use to form veins. Using a algorithm that mimics the leaf venation process, the lamp's designers have created a one-of-a-kind lamp that casts a ethereal pattern of branching shadows around the room. more

Fall Is in the Air

Photographers capture leaf color gradients in all their autumnal beauty

The autumn season is now in full gear, bringing with it chilly mornings, harvest festivals, bird migrations, and, of course, dazzling foliage. The other day, My Modern Met celebrated the harvest season by assembling this awesome collection of photos that show multi-hued leaves arranged in rainbow-like gradients. From an arrow created with maple leaves to a circle of leaves arranged by more

SHFT Sampler 2-18-11

The zero footprint leaf shirt, UK kills plan to sell forests, sustainable treehouse living, and more.

Whaler Failure: Are we witnessing a turning point in the war against whaling? Japanese whalers have halted their annual whale hunt in the Antarctic (veiled under the bogus guise of "scientific research") after persistent harrassment by the brave bad asses of the Sea Shepherd Society sent them into retreat. "Putting a priority on safety, the fleet has halted scientific whaling for now," more