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Hanging Hammocks Hundreds Of Feet Above Ground

Sebastian Wahlhutter Photographed The Highland Meeting Monte Plana

One century ago, fierce battles broke out in the shadow of Monte Piana in the Italian Dolomites as WWI began. The 18,000 young soldiers who lost their lives at that site were honored this past week at the 2015 Highline Meeting Monte Piana, an annual event that unites young people from all over the world through their shared passions for adventure and the sport of highlining. Since the more

People's Meeting Dome, Denmark

A fantastic deconstructed geodesic dome built with recycled wood

For this year's People's Meeting in Bornholm, Denmark, architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen were asked to create a venue that would help spark debate and discussion about the future of housing. Their inventive response was the "People's Meeting Dome," a deconstructed geodesic dome made from a combination of recycled and local materials.  The building is composed of more

The Business of CO2 in Corporate America

An annual meeting of business and environmental leaders gathered at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel

Last week Fortune Magazine held a 3 day conference called GREEN BRAINSTORM on the gorgeous cliffs of Laguna Niguel and SHFT was there for the second year. It’s a rare opportunity to see leaders of industry mingle with government policymakers, leading environmental thinkers, and venture capital moguls. In the wake of Copenhagen, where the outcome was underwhelming to say the least, more

Ars Natura: 100 Girls, 100 Octopii

Zak Smith's Klimt-inspired graphic euphoria updates ‘The Kiss’ as a meeting of the species.

If you know anything about the bizarre art of Genki – the Japanese porn/film company that has made “eel porn” a household world in Tokyo (watch the show on if you don’t believe me) – the juxtaposition of naked ladies with tentacles is probably not so shocking in the work of Zak Smith. Smith has become a hot, hot commodity as of late and has landed in numerous important more

Bluefin Tuna Ban Rejected

A proposal to ban the export of the critically endangered bluefin tuna has been rejected at a UN wildlife meeting.

Some dismaying news for our oceans today, when a bid to ban commercial trade of Atlantic bluefin tuna was shot down at UN endangered species meetings. The proposal, tabled by Monaco, was opposed by Japan, Canada, and many developing countries on the grounds it would devastate fishing economies. Demand for bluefin tuna is driven by luxury seafood markets in Japan, where it is a sushi more


Bucky Fuller inspired geodesic domes from Berlin.

Berlin-based company Zendome develops these innovative, flexible, and stylish dome-like spaces. Thanks to their non-hierarchical geometry, the structures can be set up in a snap in virtually any location. Available in sizes ranging from 30 m2 to 300 m2, Zendomes can be erected in 10% of the construction time of conventional architecture, which makes them perfect for all kinds of indoor more

The Domestic Effects of COP15

As the U.N. negotiations near completion in Copenhagen, American commitments begin to take shape.

Despite the likelihood that the 193 countries at the climate summit will leave Copenhagen with an agreement to finish their work either at a June meeting or at the next annual U.N. conference slated for next November in Mexico City, time is of the essence for President Obama and his congressional leaders to pass a domestic global warming bill. The New York Times more

Futuristic Forests

O2 Treehouse builds geodesic domes in tree canopies, where not even Bucky Fuller imagined them. Talk about space-age sustainability.

Founded by future-focused architect Dustin Feider, O2 Treehouse designs and builds geodesic domes for leafy habitats. The company is guided by principles of sustainability; domes are hung in the canopy using a cable suspension system, so not a single hole is drilled in the host tree during installation; also, because the polygon design distributes stress evenly across the entire structure, more