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Cy's Sunrise Lefts

With a camera on his head, surfer/filmmaker Cyrus Sutton catches some nice waves at sunrise.

Beautifully shot and edited POV vid captures Cyrus Sutton riding perfect, left breaking waves somewhere in South America. Describing the scene, Sutton says, The morning of what was supposedly the swell of the season, my girlfriend and I woke up before dawn and navigated the rocks to empty spinning lefts. For forty-five minutes we shared sunrise lefts. Eventually the pack paddled out and more

SXSW Eco Recap: Caring About Food is a Responsibility

There is a lot more to food awareness than foodie blogs, explains Anna Brones

"Food is life."I have been known to say a similar thing, but when it came from the mouth of a Ugandan farmer, the words were more powerful than I could ever make them.Sitting to the right of Constance Okollet on a panel titled Food Anthropology at SXSW Eco in Austin last week, I was humbled as she emphasized what food meant to her and her community. Okollet is  peasant farmer from more

From the Farm to the Voting Booth (or Vice Versa)

Alison Schneider on the correlation between food distribution and poverty

Alison Schneider for The Huffington Post: There's a generally accepted premise among food scholars that food scarcity, for the most part, is not what leads to hunger. Whether you're studying famines in various countries over the centuries, or modern day hunger in both the first and third world, the culprit is always the same: Distribution. There are more than enough calories on this planet more

World Bank: 'Urgent Action' Needed on Climate

World's poorest will be hit hardest by climate change, warns World Bank

Climate change is undermining economic development in poor countries and pushing millions people back into poverty, the World Bank has warned. The droughts, floods, heatwaves, sea-level rises and storms that are likely to accompany unabated global warming will trap millions of people in poverty, the Washington-based bank said in a report. From AP: "Urgent action is needed to not only more

Power to the Poor

How do we get modern energy to the global poor without frying the planet?

David Roberts for Grist: In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus must sail his ship through the Strait of Messina, between two terrible dangers. On one side, in a cave in the rocks, is a six-headed, sharp-toothed monster named Scylla. On the other side, an overhang of rocks where “the waves and whirlwinds of fire are freighted with wreckage and with the bodies of dead men.” There lies more

Ninth Grader Invents A Devise That Harnesses Power From The Ocean

Millions of People Live In "Energy Poverty" Like Her Pen Pal In Ethiopia

A few startups have spent millions developing massive underwater power plants that gather energy from ocean waves. But a Florida teenager has invented a small-scale alternative, designed for the developing world, that costs just $12. Hannah Herbst, age 15, started thinking about renewable energy after talking with her nine-year-old pen pal in Ethiopia. "I found out that she's living in more

Robert Sinskey POV 2007

An elegant organic red from Los Carneros in Napa. $38.00

POV is an earthy Bordeaux blend from Robert Sinskey's biodynamic-certified vineyard in Napa Valley. We're not big wine nerds, so we can't tell you much about the tannins or the finish, but we can tell you this: it's impossible to stop at one glass. As an added artistic bonus, the three POV labels feature Sinskey’s original B&W photography of wine and agriculture. As a vintner, more