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Young Galaxy, "Blown Minded"

Gorgeous animation by Carine Khalife

Montreal filmmaker Carine Khalifé was enlisted to direct a video for Young Galaxy's "Blown Minded" single off of Shapeshifting, and she took it to whole other level. The animation employed some truly unique techniques. We'll let her explain:  “Basically, my technique was to paint on a piece of glass fixed to a light box. I would paint on the glass with oil so that more


Christopher Baker documents life in the Copper River watershed.

Photographer Christopher Baker traveled to Cordova, Alaska to provide this glimpse of the salmon fishery that drives the local economy. The Copper River ecosystem, "one of the last pure watersheds in North America," is threatened by overfishing, so the state of Alaska and various agencies are working to ensure a sustainable fishery for future more

The Sea and Cake "Weekend"

A perfect summer day in the life of a kid.

Ah, summer holidays, how sweet you were. This 2008 video for Chicago's Sea and Cake is so leisurely and nostalgic it almost makes us mad. The short follows the happenings of a perfect summer day in the life of some young bros, which goes something like this: cruise to the lake on bikes and skateboards, chat up some girls, jump off a diving board, go swimming, rip around on a boat, more

Big Bang Big Boom

Blu's latest amazing wall animation tracks the evolution of life on Earth.

“Big Bang Big Boom," the latest of Blu's mindblowingly creative wall animations, has the internet on fire for its phenomenal stop motion depiction of the history of the world. An elaborate combination of graffiti, installation and animation, the work follows the evolution of life of earth, from beginning to end. more

The Light Of Life

Daihei Shibata takes us on a breathtaking journey through a luminescent universe.

Read Karl Burkart's piece on 'The Light Of Life' more

Eco-logical Art

Billboard Vinyl Finds New Life as Public Art.

Ever wondered where billboard vinyl goes after cluttering the cityscape for a few weeks? Directly to landfills, where the heavy-grade, ink-impregnated plastic slowly leeches toxins for the next several hundred years. Peter Schulberg’s Eco-Logical ART project rescues dumpster-bound billboard vinyl and repurposes it as canvas for artists. This video by Indigo Project offers a glimpse more

LIFE Debuts Sunday

11-part Discovery series on nature follows up on success of Planet Earth.

LIFE, the new nature series co-produced by Discovery and the BBC, debuts this Sunday (8 p.m. EDT) to much anticipation. Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, the 11-part series was four years in the making. Looks amazing. If you don't have HD TV, now may be a good time to invest in it. We loved PLANET EARTH, (prefered the British version actually). LIFE will, no doubt, be another score for the more

Weekend Hippie

Artist brings your ideas to life, sustainably.

Paul Nosa makes "sustainable art" using a sewing machine powered by his bike. You give him an idea in five words or less, and he sews a piece of art for you. Not just any idea, though. I tried "baby punched in face" and he politely declined. How more