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14 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For SHFTers

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    Valentine's Day may be a consumerism-driven holiday, but that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate love in a conscious way that minimizes both your conceding to commercialism as well as your carbon footprint. If you're set on keeping things green amongst the sea of red and pink, here are 14 sustainable Valentine's Day gift ideas. While the "Hallmark Holiday" may encourage spending silly amounts on chocolates, greeting cards, and candlelit dinners, simplify your approach in an authentic way that not only has a better impact on the earth but also promises a more romantic and memorable experience.

    The best gifts come from the heart, and when they're handmade or non-material, they're showing love to Mother Nature too. Spend Valentine's Day sustainably by committing to creating by hand instead of checking out at a store. Bake your own batch of Valentine treats, then take a cue from yesteryear, and bring back the romance of a handwritten love letter. Make the day about experiences rather than things, and turn up the heat in the kitchen with a cooking class or in the bedroom with a couple's massage. If you are purchasing gifts or edible indulgences, make sure they're just as friendly to the earth as they'll be to your partner with a little background research. Shop from companies that are celebrated for their sustainable practices and find presents that recycle, repurpose, or restore. You'll find added romance in the non-commercial approach, whichever route you choose for keeping things a little greener this Valentine's Day. MORE

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  • 14 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For SHFTers

  • From Our Friends at Bustle
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