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Beeswax Candle by Butterbean Studios

  • Handcrafted, pure beeswax candle from a farm in Santa Barbara County
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    Butterbean Studios is the creative project of artist and farmer Erin Pata, who runs a beekeeping, bean farming, and grassfed beef operation with her family in Santa Barbara County, California. Not only do Erin's bees work tirelessly to produce honey and pollinate crops, they also create plenty of leftover raw beeswax for her to use for projects. One such product is this candle made from pure beeswax, a clean-burning, renewable alternative to standard, petroleum-based candles. It burns hot, too, so Erin recommends that it be placed on a fireproof plate or wax paper. And when it's burned down, you can reuse the melted parts to make your own candles or lip balm.




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