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Belkin Conserve Insight

  • Energy use monitor shows the impact your electric devices have on your wallet — and the environment.
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    We hear murmurs about how much energy the things in our homes use, but who really knows? We do, now. The Belkin Conserve Insight shows exactly how much our energy electric devices are using, along with with detailed energy info like the cost of operation and the amount of carbon dioxide produced. It's a handy, compact energy use monitor that shows at a glance the impact our stuff is having on our pockets and the planet.




    Don't Mess With CA, Starring David Arquette

  • A SHFT-produced PSA, directed by Matthew Cooke for the No on Prop. 23 campaign.
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  • Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Intuitive thermostat, designed by the Godfather of the iPod, learns from you to save energy and money
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  • EU Takes Renewable Energy Lead

  • European nations already exceeding 2020 clean energy target.
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