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Book Ends by dashdot

  • An X-shaped new function for old books.
  • $20.00
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    Book Ends give old books a new lease on life. Designed by Daniel Ballou (of dashdot studio), Book Ends are made entirely from two books – no glue, no fasteners. Rubber feet keep them from sliding. Perfect for a tabletop or bedside stash of reading material. Priced at $20 for one or $35 for a pair, exclusively from Open bookstore. Email to order.




    Studio Swine: Can City

  • Duo creates a collection of aluminum furniture from Sao Paulo street materials
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  • Recycled Tape Reel Clock

  • Obsolete audio tech repurposed as a killer wall clock.
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  • Crate Stool by Segev Moisa

  • Classic milk crate repurposed into DIY furniture
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