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Ceramic Growler by Kaufmann Mercantile

  • Handsome, handcrafted beer tote from the potter's wheel
  • $67.00 - $77.00
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    Back in the 1800s, workers would carry beer home from the pub in galvanized "growlers," named for the sound they made when carbon dioxide escaped from the top. Though it looks vintage, this handmade ceramic growler from Kaufmann Mercantile has a snug-fitting lid that seals carbonation in tight. Slip-cast by hand then trimmed on the potter's wheel, the ceramic is cast thick so it stands up to the cold. Just fill it up at your local brew house, or at any number of retailers with taps on hand, and bring it home to enjoy with friends. Not only will it keep beer safe and fresh, it will last forever and cut down on waste. The ceramic growler comes in both 32oz and 64oz versions. A great Christmas gift for the craft beer lover in your life.

    Made in Portland, OR.




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