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Cortica, the Cork Coffee Mug

  • Smart, stylish alternative to disposable cups
  • $25.00
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    Natural, lightweight and highly renewable, cork makes an excellent product design material. The Cortica coffee mug makes smart use of the wood, which acts to house a 12oz porcelain mug while also keeping your coffee warm.

    From designer Robert Knox:

    I’ve been building houses, furniture, and longboards for years. Recently, I started building my own fly rods and working with cork. I realized that cork was the perfect material to insulate and protect a porcelain mug. Cork is a great product because it insulates to keep the coffee or tea hot, serves as a built-in coaster so you never have to worry about harming your furniture, and is impact resistant.

    After a successful round of funding on Kickstarter, the Cortica (Portuguese for cork) is now available for October delivery.




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