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Evak Storage Jars by Prepara

  • Food in, air out
  • $19.99 - $29.99
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    As anyone who knows their way around a kitchen will tell you, air is the enemy of food freshness. With these Evak storage containers by Prepara, you can preserve food longer without having to squeeze every last molecule of air out of a Ziploc bag. The jars are made of borosilicate glass jars with manual piston lids that eliminate excess air when you push them down. Fill them up with dry pasta, rice, flour, sugar, nuts, coffee, herbs, cereal, or whatever you want to stay fresh, place the lid on top, and press down to evacuate air automatically through a twin valve system-- then pull back up to remove just as easily. Choose from a selection of three finishes and two sizes: 24 oz (holds 1/2 lb of coffee) and 46 oz (holds 1 lb of coffee).




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