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FlyKly Smart Wheel

  • Lightweight smart wheel turns your bike into a pedal-assisted electric vehicle
  • $580.00
  • Buy it now
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    New York City designer Niko Klansek is on a mission to make electric bikes available to everyone. To that end Klansek and his team have developed FlyKly, a lightweight smart wheel that fits on practically any bike. Simply swap your rear wheel with the FlyKly, set your desired top speed using the FlyKly App, start pedalling, and the motor will automatically bring you up to that speed. The app also allows you to to remotely lock your back wheel, track your bike through GPS, study your cycling habits, and receive notifications about quicker, safer, or more efficient routes.

    FlyKly launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Smart Wheel, and it took all of two days to meet its $100K goal. With less than three weeks left in the campaign, the project is up near $240K. Release is due for May 2014 and you can pre-order now by pledging $590 USD or more.




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