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Grady's Cold Brew Coffee

  • New Orleans-style coffee concentrate, brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, NY
  • $2.80 - $10.50
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    The long hot days of summer may have petered out, but here in Southern California it's always cold coffee season. Sadly many baristas have yet to figure out how to nail the perfect iced joe. That's where Grady's comes in. The Brooklyn-based company makes delicious cold brew coffee concentrate with a New Orleans flair. It's a simple process: ground roasted coffee and chicory (therein lies the New Orleans influence) are mixed with room temperature water and left to steep overnight. Then it's filtered and bottled by hand, with a "born on" sticker telling you exactly when the batch was produced. Just add water or milk with ice and you're good to go. Available via Mouth.




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