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Hand-Forged Nata Hatchet by Bridgetown Forge & Hand-Eye Supply

  • Because everyone needs a burly, traditional Japanese hatchet
  • $220.00
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    Oh you think you bad, huh? You bad enough for this beast? Because the mighty Hand-Forged Nata Hatchet, a collaborative effort from Bridgetown Forge and Hand-Eye Supply, is on some Paul Bunyan business. (A nata, for those that don't know, is a traditional Japanese hatchet with a square blade and a slightly curved handle.) Each Bridgetown nata is forged by hand in Portland, OR by blacksmith Arnon Kartmazov, using reclaimed 5160 Carbon Spring Steel for the blade. The blade is finished with a stamp of Bridgetown Forge and the HES logo and attached to a hickory handle with copper pins. Bad.




    Murray Carter, Master Bladesmith

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