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Human Nature by Anna Mia Davidson

  • Crowdfunded photo book documents sustainable farming communities in the Northwest
  • $60.00
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    A while back we posted some Anna Mia Davidson images of small scale farming activities in the Pacific Northwest. Now that series of photos is being collected in a book, Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest, alongside an essay from the photographer:

    "Davidson’s photographs highlight over ten small farms throughout the region; the book opens with an honest and poignant essay by her exploring her personal roots in photography, her affinity for the Northwest, and the joys and challenges many creative souls face of balancing sometimes conflicting identities—in her case, that of photographer, mother, activist, daughter, colleague, wife, friend, and farmer."

    The book is being published by Minor Matter, which takes a page out of Kickstarter's book by conceiving projects, then spending six months trying to accumulate a minimum of 500 pre-orders. Only once that goal is reached does the book head to the printers. 




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